1. wood frame construction

Wood frame construction is very accessible, affordable, and team-friendly therefore we choose to use wood whenever it's available in country and easily sourced. In countries like Mexico, we can  easily build with wood in nearly every region. Wood frame construction is team-friendly because it allows lots of people get involved with cutting, nailing, and painting while it requires very little experience.

With the wood frame style construction, we have two different options for the roof. First we have the tin roof which is very basic and low-cost. The second option is a 30-year-rated shingle composite roof. This option is a little bit more expensive but much better quality and it reduces the outside noise as well as better insulates the house from the sun and other outside elements. 

2. Metal Stud Construction

Our second building method is the metal stud construction. This construction method is primarily used in Mazatlan and is used as a cheaper alternative to the wood frame. 

3. Insulated Concrete Form

The third construction method is the Insulated Concrete Form, also known as ICF. 

With these blocks, the Homes of Hope structures become simple and inexpensive to build. The buildings are energy efficient with a minimum R-Value of 20. The foam polystyrene (EPS) blocks do not absorb moisture, resist pests, and contain fire retardant materials all within each block. The homes also have an estimated economic life of 40-50 years. This method of construction is primarily used in Uganda, Costa Rica and Haiti.