A Home for the Holidays

For years, the Hernandez Dominguez family had plans to move to Tijuana from Southern Mexico, in the hope of a better life. Plans changed when Daniel’s wife was diagnosed with cancer, and most of the family money went instead toward expensive medical treatments. Sadly, after a long and painful battle with cancer, Daniel’s wife passed away.

Using what little he had, Daniel brought his children to Tijuana in search of a fresh start but found the new life to be full of fear and uncertainty. Just when his eldest daughter Brenda was on the verge of dropping out of school to help pay the bills, Daniel found a job as a chef on the graveyard shift, often working until 4 AM in the morning. 

The long nights at work leave Brenda, Omar and Sandra to fend for themselves in the small shack that they used to call home. 

This last month a team built the Hernandez Dominguez family a new home and for the first time in more than two years, Daniel’s children slept on real beds. 

Daniel shared at the house dedication ceremony,

"I was struggling with nightmares of losing my children or even my own life and I didn't have much hope left. It was in that dark moment when God showed himself in my life and I came to know him. I'm so ready to see my children with a better place to live. I've done all I can do but I'm afraid it's just not enough for what they need. I've been struggling but when I heard you were coming, I knew that the Lord had heard my cries. Thank you so much, as the father of my family I am very grateful for your lives and what you've decided to do for us. God Bless.”

This Holiday Season Daniel and his children will not only have a shelter from the cold—but a Home of Hope to make memories in. 


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